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It may take a few minutes to download these songs the first time you click on them.  Please be patient they are well worth the time.  After you have downloaded them once,  they should open up quickly for you thereafter.  They may also be stored in your media player.  If so, you can play them whenever you like, even when your not on the internet.  

 When you click on a song a Lycos ad will appear.  Scroll down until you see the yellow box that says "Click Here." Use the back button on your browser to go back to  the song page.  We hope you enjoy these songs.  They are all performed by the Marching Chiefs except for Seminole Wind.

Alma Mater

FSU Fight Song

FSU Garnet and Gold March

Seminole Uprising (This is a nice song but you will need to turn your volume up.)

FSU Victory Song

FSU War Chant

FSU Cheer and Bop

Seminole Wind (by John Anderson) (This is a midi file and will open quickly.)


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